i. A Rescue mission

THIS IS THE ONLINE PORTAL to The Voices of Redlands—the testimonies of John Baldwin and eight other people—who have an urgent message for the Southern California city of Redlands and the Church world as a whole.

Our friends and families who attend the house church known as Monday Nights are in danger and many are being hurt.  The facts regarding the particular spiritual abuses and false teachings are reported in John Baldwin’s testimony, The Voices of Redlands, with painstaking detail for the purpose of clarity, understanding, and love.

This website is a public appeal after numerous attempts to address the issues within Monday Nights have been rebuffed. With supplementary material that interacts with the doctrine of Monday Nights, The Voices of Redlands and this website function as a resource and inform the Church about teachings currently sweeping the Millennial generation into egregious sin and dangerous behavior.

THIS IS A RESCUE MISSION—for Monday Nights, the city of Redlands, and our generation—while demanding a response to events that need to be accounted for.


II. overview

WHEN A TEACHING KNOWN as Hyper Grace began overwhelming charismatic churches in 2013, the Redlands house church, Monday Nights, was affected in dramatic ways. Isolated from other churches due to its nature as a home fellowship, composed mostly of young people, and with a leadership that was unaccountable, there were no safeguards in place to ensure false teachings did not infiltrate. The concern and subsequent investigations of one Monday Night member—Ryan Ashton—led him on a collision course with Jared and Seth Gustafson, the leaders of Monday Nights, who lied to the group and ultimately forced Ryan to be shunned so the Gustafsons could teach Hyper Grace without obstruction.

With contributions from insiders, compelling testimonies, and never-before-seen evidence, the events that unfolded in Redlands will finally be revealed. This presentation of facts insist a sober evaluation, appeal for a solution, and elevate the need for public intervention: for the sake of love, for the sake of family, and for the sake of Redlands.


III. who are monday nights?

EVERY GENERATION SEEKS to improve upon the past.

For the past twenty years, house churches have sprung up throughout the United States in an effort to reclaim the sense of community that has been lost due to the commercialization and corporatization of the family of God. The Early Church in the Bible's book of Acts was seen as a template for "Organic Christianity," popularized by Frank Viola's books and blogs, which inspired a group of college-aged Christians in the city of Redlands.  

MONDAY NIGHTS BEGAN as a college-aged Bible study which split from Trinity Church in Redlands in June 2009. Led by Jared and Seth Gustafson, they sought to recreate the conditions and environment where biblical community and familial love could be experienced by everyone.  

With its primary goal as Jesus alone, Monday Nights' mission was to actualize what biblical community looks like and aspired to be a group committed to sharing life together. With these goals in mind, Monday Nights came to be known in their local community as a happy, dedicated church family.


IV. setting

Map of Redlands, California and surrounding communities. | Designed by Ryan Ashton